You can only heal and thrive in life when you look within and include body, mind and soul. This means that any emotion can be transformed by you. This holistic approach includes all parts of who you are.

Do you wonder now, how to do this transformation? This is exactly what this channel is for. We cannot be truly happy, if we suppress  emotions. If you feel triggered in any way this is an opportunity – to go inwards and make the change. Let me show you how you can work with  them from your heart. The struggles I’m talking about cannot be healed rationally, as the hurt or in pain isn’t about logic. Besides what is logic? Is it logic to be in pain after an abuse? Yes, you may say. Now, who decides that? We are all different and you can be hurt from your past in so many different ways and that isn’t right or wrong. We discuss in these videos “how you can heal from a past event”. These videos are created either way from my own experiences or inspired by coaching clients. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get a weekly inspiration dose.