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These general terms and conditions apply to all written or verbal agreements between you as a coaching client or client and myself, Patricia Wall, as the coaching provider. This includes the content of patricia-wall.com and en.patricia-wall.com.

2. Areas of responsibility

As a coaching provider, it is my responsibility to adhere to a correct coaching process and use appropriate methods. I orient myself to the standards of the large coaching associations. At the beginning of the coaching sessions, a goal is discussed and the further process agreed. Since coaching is a free, self-responsible process, certain successes cannot be guaranteed. I am at your disposal as a process facilitator and initiator of changes – the actual implementation and change work is the responsibility of the client and/ or coaching client.

3. Fees and costs

The fee is independent of success.  Invoices are usually paid in advance. Payment in installments are possible in individual cases. If an invoice/ coaching package is agreed, the payment deadline is 5 business days counting from the invoice date. Any Coaching package can only start prio payment, this excludes special agreements for installment payment. A coaching package has a fixed duration and is not automatically extended. The following reimbursement rule applies to the 3-12 month package prices: If the coaching is terminated prematurely, the coaching hours taken up to that point will be billed at the individual hourly rate and the remaining difference will be reimbursed within 30 days. The online courses are directly paid at teachable.com via PayPal or credit card. (Terms and Conditions apply from teachable.com) With new customers, the initial call (approx. 30 minutes) is free and non-binding. If appointments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance can be billed by me. My Coachings are subject to VAT, so the VAT is always shown on my bills. Preparation and follow-up, additional agreed short discussions outside of the sessions and within the coaching months are included in the prices, unless otherwise agreed. Travel and accommodation costs for Coaching and preliminary discussions that do not take place in my office or online will be charged separately. These are special prices for corporate customers. (Please send an email to: contact@patricia-wall.com) Any Material is only available online.

4. Discretionary clause

I am committed to absolute discretion. This obligation also applies beyond the duration of the coaching relationship. This also applies to the content of the conversation between me and a client, towards a third party (client). This does not include information that is generally accessible.


As a coaching provider, I am not liable for any damage or consequential damage caused by the coaching assignment. The client or coachee undertakes to check all documents on their own responsibility before further use and to adjust them if necessary.

6.Medical disclaimer

The content presented here is intended solely for impartial information and general training. They do not represent a recommendation or promotion of the described or mentioned diagnostic methods, treatments or medicines. The content on patricia-wall.com/en.patricia-wall.com does not claim to be complete, nor can the information presented be up-to-date, correct or balanced Information is guaranteed. Explore possibilities with Patricia Wall or above mentioned websites are in no way a substitute for professional advice from a doctor and may not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and the start, change or termination of a treatment of illnesses. Always consult your trusted doctor if you have any health questions or complaints! Patricia Wall assumes no liability for any inconvenience or damage resulting from the coaching consultation or the information presented on both websites.

7.Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

These terms and conditions are exclusively subject to Swiss law.