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“My burning passion lies in guiding and supporting individuals who feel trapped and burdened by life’s obstacles, surrounded by negativity, and struggling to unleash their boundless potential. I am devoted to helping them break free, embrace positivity, and unlock the incredible possibilities that await them.” – Patricia Wall

*5 Years Celebration of Explore Possibilities with Patricia Wall

Women Circle for more abundance


How would your life change if you could have the support of women? No gossip or banter behind your back, but cohesion. What would change for you if you could do the inner work individually and collaboratively in a group? The opportunity for potential development would quickly expand. Women together are incredibly strong, empathetic and can accomplish great things. The goal with this Circle is to go on the inner journey together and individually. Where do I want to go and what can I leave behind are just the beginning. We want to reach depth and discover mysteries about ourselves that we didn’t know about yet. In the group there is the possibility to exchange and share experiences.

For whom, is this workshop?

This workshop is for you, if you…

►want to discover and develop your feminine side.
►have lived too often in the “hustle mentality” and want to discover a new side of yourself.
►are looking to unleash your potential.
►want to broaden your perspectives in your private and business life.

►want to learn how to strengthen your self-confidence.

►want to experience sisterhood: we are there for each other and support each other.

►want to dissolve old burdens and blockages.
►meet women who are on the same page that you.

What is awaiting you

Do you sometimes have the feeling that there is much more than work and family? Do you think that something is slumbering deep inside you that wants to be discovered? Then join us – 13 weeks of working on yourself together and individually. Every second week from March 19th 2023 there will be an online live event, each lasting about 1-1.5 hours with Q&A. Of course there will also be replays if you can’t make it. The point is to not just dream about it, but to sit down and do something concrete for yourself. The integration and exercise weeks will be a challenge that you can tackle starting every other Sunday. How often do we just talk about our “problems” and then nothing changes? In these 13 weeks, we will engage with the body and learn new ways of healing/processing. Possibly this is all totally foreign to you and feels “esoteric”. This course is meant as a suggestion and it is meant to move you forward, which does not mean you should blindly trust. It means your openness will help you learn something that may have been closed to you until today. In addition, there are always exercises or suggestions that do not fit for you or need adjustments from you. All this is okay and is very much appreciated by me, because your way can go no one but you.


Customers reviews

What people say?

Patricia helps me to find my "blind spots" and see things from a different angle/perspective. I have been a bit skeptical if coaching via phone (even without video) also works for me, but I am able to be very focused and am not distracted by anything else. The sessions can be handled very flexibly and it is a lot easier for me to do it from home. I can be myself and am daring to discuss topics that I might not discuss this openly in a one-to-one physical meeting. Patricia is very empathic, professional and I am looking forward to tackle the challenges after having received her input. I am sure that I will be able to tackle a few things that have been bugging me for quite a while together with her coaching abilities.
Been coaching by Patricia Wall was a very pleasant experience, she guided me with a very helpful advise and made me see things that I could not realize, after the session I felt ready and fresh for new challenges in my life, thank you Patricia.

the dates

It’s best to save the live dates directly to your mobile calendar. However, if you can’t be there, you can also watch the replay. In total we have 6 lives via Zoom incl. Q&A (replays will be available one day later then the live) , 4 integration weeks in self-study and lots of online learnings during the vacation breaks.

Sunday, March 19th 2023, 7pm CET, LIVE via Zoom, topic: Create your new reality/base – the beginning of all is to start where you are.

Sunday, March 26th 2023, integration + self-paced practice. Videos/ information will be released on the platform

Vacation break/ Online learning with videos. Videos/ information will be released on the platform

Sunday, April 16th 2023, 7pm CET, LIVE via Zoom, topic: We make room for the new and let go.

Sunday, April 23rd 2023, integration + self-study exercise. Videos/ information will be released on the platform.

Sunday, April 30th 2023, 7pm CET, LIVE via Zoom, topic: What is actually possible and where do I want to go?

Sunday, May 7th 2023, integration + self-study exercise. Videos/ information will be released on the platform.

Sunday, May 14th 2023, 7pm CET, LIVE via Zoom, topic: New awareness can throw you off track. Spiritual awakening is not flower power and often times not peaceful. How do I deal with this turbulent time?

Vacation break/ online learning with videos. Videos/ information will be released on the platform

Sunday, June 4th 2023, 7pm CET, LIVE via Zoom, topic: Transformation happens from the inside out. Discover and use your intuition.

Sunday, June 11th 2023, integration + self-study exercise. Videos/ information will be released on the platform.

Sunday, June 18th, 2023, 7pm CET, LIVE via Zoom, topic: Softness gets a new definition. You no longer need the inner protection you once laboriously built up. 

What's included

Lifetime Access in der Members Area

6 Live Video Calls with a duration of 1-1,5h inkl. Q&A

4 Embodiment Practices/ Tools 

13 weeks Women Circle – meet new people and exchange experiences

During the vacation break there will be additional bonus material

Your Coach

My name is Patricia Wall and I am a certified coach with the goal of opening up new perspectives for people. My vision is to create a platform so that my clients can increasingly access their inner self. Therein lies their full potential and power, which only needs to be opened. Coaching captures the visions of my clients and creates clarity. This allows us to reduce the “hustle mentality” and focus on how to purposefully implement the vision.

Personally, I have had many challenges to overcome in life. I was always looking for a way to find my inner balance. How we react to external circumstances is up to us. It takes a little practice and knowledge so that we can live our lives with more serenity and abundance.

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All In

  • 6 Live Calls with a duration of 60-90min
  • 4 embodiment practices/ tools
  • bonus material during holiday season
  • lifetime access members area
  • *13 weeks women circle
  • save 200 CHF

4 Rates

450 CHF
Per Month
  • 6 Live Calls with a duration of 60-90min
  • 4 Embodiment Practices/ Übungen​
  • bonus material during holiday season
  • lifetime access members area
  • *13 weeks woman circle