Coaching by Patricia Wall:
It’s never too late to be happy!

It’s never too late to develop an awareness of ourselves while shedding unhealthy habits, recognising what’s holding us back — learning from the experience and leaving it all behind.

Revealing the “blind spot”

Old habits, unhealed wounds and a behavioural mindset can leave us yearning for a life that always feels out of reach. But what if we don’t realise what’s holding us back, and are unable to make progress? The “blind spot” is an unconscious void in our lives, filled with anything from unhealthy habits and an unproductive mindset to past wounds and emotional boundaries — hidden by a lack of awareness.

Experience newfound awareness and acceptance

The first step towards personal growth is shining a light on the blind spot and recognising who we really are. With a free mind and an open heart, we’re suddenly empowered to accept ourselves — and grow beyond that person forever.

Create more space for growth

When plants are given more room to grow, they can reach heights that take us by surprise. A human being is no different, and our thoughts, feelings and old habits are like clutter that takes up all the space, limiting our growth.

Declutter your thoughts and feelings

When we let go of things that no longer serve us, we are de-cluttering our lives and creating space for new and exciting possibilities. With step-by-step and proven techniques, I can help you create more choices in your life and make decisions that lead to sustainable and positive change.

Life coaching is for everyone

As a certified Life Coach, I’ve had the honour of helping people from all walks and phases of life discover a happier and more fulfilled self. Whether you want to leave the past behind, boost your self-esteem, make a career path change or simply become happier, I offer personalised life coaching that applies your feelings, ideas and desires to a life that is truly yours. 

As a Life Coach, I Can Help You...

• Let go of old beliefs, limitations, wounds and feelings that no longer serve you
• Become filled with self-love, confidence and self-esteem that communicates truth to yourself and others
• Discover your true self and what you really want out of life
• Reveal surprising possibilities and unchain your potential


My name is Patricia Wall, and I am a Certified Life Coach whose passion is to help people discover new, life-changing perspectives. To me, Life Coaching is an expression of the self which I had once struggled to find. I didn’t always know what I wanted in life, and there were times when I felt empty inside and struggled to make decisions that came from the heart. When I found Life Coaching, I suddenly felt inspired in ways I’d never had. That’s when I realised that in order to find fulfilment, I had to help others do the same. Today, I help people from all walks of life do just that through a hand-in-hand, personal growth experience. It’s my honour to join you on the path to true self-discovery, and it’s my duty to reveal all the possibilities, opportunities and wonders along the way.

Certified Life Coach
4 years experience as Paralegal & Business Support
Asian Management Executive Seminar, HSLU
4.5 years experience as Executive Admin
Swiss Vocational Baccalaureate for commercial professions
Au-Pair in Kanada, British Columbia
apprenticeship dental assistant

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