Coaching can expose you to completely new possibilities and adventures you may not have imagined for yourself. We’ve all felt unhappy and with no energy at some point in our lives, even though society makes it seem like we need to be satisfied at all times. Therefore, the real question is whether you are comfortable with that state or if you are looking for a change. How do you imagine your further life to be like and how will it look like?

People who are successful, no matter in which area of life, are concerned with personal development. The reason for this is most likely the fact that we are beginning to take responsibility for our behaviour. This also increases the desire to be happy and fulfill our dreams. This also means to cope with fears and other difficulties. We only feel really comfortable if we also recognize, analyze and process the parts of our lives that we’re not entirely at ease with. In this way, we gain new experience and can change it in our favour. Only when we recognize what is holding us back, we can move on.

My coaching is intended for healthy people and is therefore not regarded as therapy. In case of mental illness coaching can have a supportive effect. However, this is only possible after consultation with a doctor. I work with systematic approaches to solutions that can help you improve your life within a short timeframe. The coaching inspires, motivates and helps you recognize your capabilities. Together we will work towards new possibilities for your life. Coaching lets you think outside the box and ensures that you don’t get stuck in your dreams, so that you’re able to find a way to boost your resources. Life & Business Coaching introduces you to perspectives, which I will convey to you using different tools and strategies. That way, I will ultimately lead you to achieving your goals. These tools can also be implemented in your life outside of this coaching.

Experience a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate life – whether this includes experiencing success in your job, rekindling your relationship or finding out who you really are. In a personal conversation, we’ll be able to find out what your current situation is like and where you would see yourself in the future. 

Coaching by
Patricia Wall

Many of us know what to do, but are unable to achieve success on our own. We tell ourselves that we are not enough. Not strong enough! Not intelligent enough! Not determined enough!

But what really holds us back is not our abilities – it is the fear of failing when we try.

In order to achieve lasting change in health, finance, relationships, business or personal growth, certain strategies and tools are needed. Both of those can be acquired through experience.

Initial Consultation

Are you ready for an initial consultation? At the end of this conversation, you will

  • have created a solution guide with me, so we can start to work as soon as possible
  • have defined first goals.
  • have understood outdated ways of thinking and their effects.


Learn  how to develop mindfulness for yourself and others in order to quickly recognize barriers.

Learn how to break outdated, no longer useful behaviour patterns.

Learn to strengthen your courage in order to make important decisions in a focused way.

Get to know your strengths and learn how to use your resources.

Learn how to communicate in challenging situations instead of just reacting.

Learn to take responsibility for your achievements and failures and how to deal with them.

Find out what your ideology is and whether it still serves you or if some things need to be altered.

Newly gained self-confidence will boost your creativity again.

Gain absolute clarity about your priorities and thus also about your ideas and future goals.

Customer Feedback

Been coaching by Patricia Wall was a very pleasant experience, she guided me with a very helpful advise and made me see things that I could not realize, after the session I felt ready and fresh for new challenges in my life, thank you Patricia.


Thanks to Patricia I was able to get a different perspective in a situation where I couldn’t find a solution myself. She helped me to progress and deal with it in a very kind way.