Body, Mind & Soul Coaching

Would you like to have more power, self-confidence, and clarity in your job or in your private life?
Are you looking for a career boost or a fresh start?
Do you want to break your mental chains and free yourself? 
  You are worth being happy!

That is why I would like to support you as a Life Coach in…

♦ finding your personal path.
♦shaping your life according to your wishes.
♦ recognizing and exhausting all possibilities pertaining to your life.

So that you can finally lead the life you want. During the coaching, I’ll accompany you emotionally and at eye level and I’ll show you how you can sustainably and positively change your life step by step, using proven techniques. Recognize the different options available to you. We will create more choices for you. Everything you desire in life begins in you! As a Life Coach I have been able to accompany many clients in different phases of life on their way towards a happier self. I have an in-depth knowledge of the feeling of standstill, of being trapped in one’s own life. I successfully overcame this – and so can you! It doesn’t matter whether you want to end the past, whether you want to increase your self-esteem or whether you want to undertake new professional paths – together we will find the right path for you in my Life Coaching, so that you can design your life according to your ideas. Brace up yourself and let your wishes finally come true!

Book your single coaching session

If you need some clarity, guidance or new strategies on what specifically you are going through, then you may book your session TODAY!

Initial Consultation

Are you ready for an initial consultation? At the end of this conversation, you will

♦ have created a solution guide with me, so we can start to work as soon as possible

♦ have defined first goals.

♦ have understood outdated ways of thinking and their effects.


Learn  how to develop mindfulness for yourself and others in order to quickly recognize barriers.

Learn how to break outdated, no longer useful behaviour patterns.

Learn to strengthen your courage in order to make important decisions in a focused way.

Get to know your strengths and learn how to use your resources.

Learn how to communicate in challenging situations instead of just reacting.

Learn to take responsibility for your achievements and failures and how to deal with them.

Find out what your ideology is and whether it still serves you or if some things need to be altered.

Newly gained self-confidence will boost your creativity again.

Gain absolute clarity about your priorities and thus also about your ideas and future goals.

Learn how to deal and express your emotions and feelings.

Customer Feedback


Been coaching by Patricia Wall was a very pleasant experience, she guided me with a very helpful advise and made me see things that I could not realize, after the session I felt ready and fresh for new challenges in my life, thank you Patricia.


Thanks to Patricia I was able to get a different perspective in a situation where I couldn’t find a solution myself. She helped me to progress and deal with it in a very kind way.


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