Patricia Wall
Life Coach

Open your Heart

Free Your Mind and Open Your Heart

As soon as we’re open to follow our heart instead of only the mind we can let go of limitations. When we free our mind and open the heart more possibilities will arise. As a Life Coach I can support you in…

►letting go of old beliefs, limitations, wounds that don’t serve you anymore
►gaining self-love (confidence and self-esteem) to communicate your truth
►discover who you truly are and who you want to be

So that you can finally lead the life you want. During the coaching, I’ll guide you emotionally and at eye level and I’ll show you how you can sustainably and positively change your life step by step, using proven techniques. Recognize the different options available to you. We will create more choices for you. Everything you desire in life begins in you! As a Life Coach I have been able to support many clients in different phases of life on their way towards a happier self.  It doesn’t matter whether you want to let go of the past,  increase your self-esteem or if you want to undertake new professional paths – together we will find the right way for you in my Life Coaching, so that you can design your life according to your ideas. I’ll show you step by step how you can overcome things in your life that don’t serve you anymore. As then we have a lot of space to create something new and exciting for you.


my name is Patricia Wall, and I am a dedicated and experienced Certified Life Coach with years of experience working hand in hand with my clients to ensure that they’re able to navigate a life transition.

It is a matter close to my heart to show my clients new perspectives. I have experienced a lot myself and felt empty inside. I always made all decisions with my head, so my real wishes never came to light. At some point we all ask ourselves: “Was that all?” I didn’t believe it and found that there are still a lot of things that I wanted to experience. However, my past caught up with me again and again. Coaching has helped me where everything else didn’t work out.

For me, nothing inspires me more than watching my clients walk down the pathway toward their true selfs. I’m a firm believer that coaching allows you to see the unseen, to explore the infinite world of possibilities that exist for you, and to find an avenue that allows you to pursue those opportunities that pique your interest.


Certified Life Coach

 Member of the International Coaching Federation ICF
4 years experience as Paralegal & Business Support
Asian Management Executive Seminar, HSLU
4.5 years experience as Executive Admin
Swiss Vocational Baccalaureate for commercial professions
Au-Pair in Kanada, British Columbia
apprenticeship dental assistant

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