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Do you want to open a new chapter in your life? Then you’ve come to the right place.

What is coaching?

Coaching supports a life of choices. Instead of feeling life is happening to us, we understand how we can support ourselves. Coaching is rich in finding our own resources and therefore we have more energy to thrive in life. Coaching shines light into places we haven’t locked at and yet are essentiell for our growth in private and business. In short: it shows us our power. 

As a coach, I have been supporting my clients since 2018 to live a more fulfilling life. On YouTube are more than 271 Episodes than help you to start. We are not our thoughts or feelings, however they often determine the direction in which we go. We create our life and take part in how it should look like. Who we are, we determine ourselves. As a coach, I support you to make a positive change in the “here and now” .


Often we still carry unprocessed emotions and experiences within us. However, we are not aware of this. This is not a conscious decision “to get stuck”. We may look for an exit and do not know where to start. By the way, this has nothing to do with not being in control of our lives, but we lack the knowledge and tools to correct this. Coaching helps to reveal what has been hidden until now.
Suppose you give a plant more room to grow, it can become bigger than we ever thought possible. This is exactly what is possible with us as human beings. Coaching creates a safe space so that we can accept thoughts and feelings. How we speak to ourselves – even in thought, is enormously important to the process of letting go of what is holding us back from transformation.

Your Benefits

More ease in life

let go of control

unfold potential

Learn how much you are capable of

better relationships with more meaning

Learn how to break outdated, no longer useful behaviour patterns.

Reduce Stress

Learn how to deal and express your emotions and feelings.


Gain absolute clarity about your priorities and thus also about your ideas and future goals.


Get to know your strengths and learn how to use your resources.

As Coach, I can help you...

 Clarify and achieve personal and professional goals

 Create business plans

 Work to improve communication skills

 Achieve financial independence and security

 Achieve a work/life balance

 Start a new business or growing a current business

• Let go of old beliefs, limitations, traumas, wounds and feelings that no longer serve you
• Become filled with self-love, confidence and self-esteem that communicates truth to yourself and others
• Discover your true self and what you really want out of life
• Reveal surprising possibilities and unchain your potential
•Understand and regulate your emotions (high sensitives, learn to tune into your intuition)
•finding more meaning – start your soul journey with a new path



My name is Patricia Wall and I am a certified coach with the goal of opening up new perspectives for people. My vision is to create a platform so that my clients can increasingly access their inner self. Therein lies their full potential and power, which only needs to be opened. Coaching captures the visions of my clients and creates clarity. This allows us to reduce the “hustle mentality” and focus on how to purposefully implement the vision.

Personally, I have had many challenges to overcome in life. I was always looking for a way to find my inner balance. How we react to external circumstances is up to us. It takes a little practice and knowledge so that we can live our lives with more serenity and abundance.





• Workshop with Dr. Gabor Maté, Wisdom of Trauma, 2022
• 1:1 Business Results Coaching by Tony Robbins, 2019/2020
•Workshop with Tony Robbins, unleash the power within 2019
• commercial register entry, 2019
• Life Coaching Certificate, Dr. Bock Coaching Akademie in Berlin, 2018-2019
• Company Formation, 2018

• 5+ Years work experience in financial industry: Business Support, Paralegal and Sen. Business Project Manager
• 5 Years working experience in the IT industry: Executive Admin
• commercial vocational diploma
• eidg. dental assistant

Topics from past clients (not limited to)

*due to privacy no client names mentioned

1. “I haven’t taken ownership in my life and now I realize that I don’t know who I am. I’m now in position to change this. I want to understand my possibilities and how to get to these goals.” *

2. “The pressure of performing all day long at work or at home is exhausting. I’m looking for a new opportunity to be happy again.” *

3. “This pandemic has changed me and I face a lot of challenges as in private, but also at work. I want to work on my communication skills.” *

4. “My daily schedule is overwhelming. I need more balance and peace in my life. At the moment I don’t have time for myself. (kids, dreams, partner/single, friends and job)” *

5. “Spiritual Awakening: I need support as I’m going through a rough period in my life (releasing the past, letting go, healing, transformation, purpose and vision, inner child, perspectives changes, beliefs change, family dynamics, communication issues, feeling alone, depression, frustration, shadow work, ego work)” *

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