The art of Coaching

Coaching comes from the competitive sport and is today indispensable for various reasons. It has been recognized that those athletes have done far better with a coach because of their trained mindset. Yes, this is something you can learn! This approach was very successful and has been transferred into other areas of life. Life coaching can offer you different options and perspectives and is not considered as therapy. I work with a systematic solution approach, which can solve your issues fast.

Imagine if you could experience a healthier, more prosperous, more fulfilling, more passionate, and more purposeful life – be it succeeding in the business, reviving your relationship, or finding out who you truly are.

Together we find out in a One-on-One, where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.
Patricia Wall

Coaching by
Patricia Wall

Patricia’s systematic coaching approach has already helped many people. She understands what keeps people from “running after their dreams” and applies targeted strategies to clients individually to motivate them.

Many of us know what to do, but we still can not do it alone. We tell ourselves that we are not enough. Not strong enough! Not smart enough! Not determined enough! But what really holds us back are not our abilities – it’s the fear of failing if we try. In order to sustainably change your business, finance, health, relationships or personal growth, strategies and tools are needed. How? Contact me.

Preliminary Call

This first call will already show you your growth potential. Here the details you can expect:

  • An understanding of limiting beliefs and their impact on you .
  • Clarity about future goals for the coming three months/ year.
  • We will already create a road map plan so that you can start implementing and taking massiv action.

Your Benefits

What to expect from a Coaching
I’ll show you simple steps and tools that you can apply anytime and at home. You’ll strengthen your confidence and so you can master challenges.
Gain complete clarity about your priorities and thus also about your visions and future goals.
Communication between two people can be a challenge in many ways. Learn how you can convey your needs in a positive way. Strengthen your courage, your force and your passion to master challenges.
Our health makes a big contribution whether we feel well or not. Do you have physical goals that you have not been able to achieve so far? Improve your performance with me, a coach that inspires and motivates you.
Limited beliefs can hold you back from looking forward. Recognize your blockages, break them down or learn how to deal constructively with them.

Life is too short for "sometime"

Client Feedbacks

I felt very comfortable with her and save. Patricia’s coaching has helped me a lot and I’m sure I’ll book another session with her. I liked the familiar feeling of being able to say everything. She also gave me tools to help me learn to master situations and not run away all the time.

M. , 33 from Zurich

Patricia has a very open approach. I was able to instantly trust and express things that I would normally only say to my best friend. We could solve some limited believes I wasn’t aware of. This has stopped me for a long time – not anymore. I liked that.

T. , 42 from Zurich