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It’s never too late to develop an awareness of ourselves while shedding unhealthy habits, recognising what’s holding us back — learning from the experience and transform.

1-on-1 Life & Job Coaching:
the best of your life is just around the corner

Live without regrets, starting right now. When you’re at peace with yourself, nothing stands in the way of your true ambition. My premium coaching program is designed to match your personality, priorities and life goals in a way that makes progress feel natural and unhindered.

I'm ready - How do I start?

Each of my life coaching programs is for 3, 6 or 12 months. The 6 month program is the favorite among my clients because it gives them the time and clarity they need. You also get the Self-Discovery Course worth 297 CHF for free, as well as other enhanced benefits. In the first month we talk every week for 1h. In the following weeks bi-weekly 1h. In between there are individual tasks, which should lead to your goal. The tools must be applied and then individually adapted so that a change can also occur. Coaching is an enrichment for a whole life. The body is also involved and special exercises help to let go of the old.

We are by no means only concerned with the head, but holistically. I do not offer one-on-one sessions and the life coaching sessions take place on-site or online. The initial consultation is free of charge, without obligation and lasts about 20′. You will receive a questionnaire in advance so that you can prepare yourself optimally for the conversation. The costs vary, depending on the duration and the order. I do not offer single one-on-one sessions. A coaching starts from 2500 CHF + 7.7% VAT. A monthly installment payment is possible for the 6 – 12 month program. For the coaching program of 3 months a partial payment with 2 installments is possible. 

Job Coaching

A job 1:1 coaching is for your if… 

-you seek clarity in your career.
-you want to show up in a more authentic way.
-you want to better communicate with your colleagues.
-you want to set clear boundaries.
-you want to gain the ability to ask for a better salary.
-you want to learn more about who you are.

This is a strategic and systematic coaching approach, where we will have 4 calls of 30min each within a month. You are asked to ensure to complete the homework in due time and preparation for each call is mandatory. This coaching will give you clarity and guidance on your next steps and is therefore strongly action oriented. During the one month intense coaching you will have the possibility to reach me anytime in case of questions with a response of 24h via text/E-mail. The training is held online. Pricing 850 CHF + 7.7% VAT.

1.step: book a free discovery call, no obligations.


For all service inquires, please fill out the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Who is this for ?

You own your story

You're ready to take over responsibility for your life. It's a difference if you are pushing your "trauma" aside or if you are kind of "bypassing" and ignoring that you are hurt. I used to bypass my own pain for a long time due to fear. Maybe you feel the same? Now, if you want to do this together we have to go deep.

You are ready to transform your life

I'm 100% with you on this transformation and I need the same percentage from you. In the end it's your journey and only if you are ready this will work.


You have a sense of humor. This can actually move mountains and is used to make our talk a bit more light-hearted.

You're open to communicate

I like to communicate direct and straight forward. I'm a compassionate coach who will guide you through your emotions and feelings. This means also I'm very honest with you and therefore I'm not your coach if you're searching for someone who only feels "sorry for you". I'm here to fully support you and sometimes truth can be painful.

How is this program unique?

We go deep

Most programs focus on setting goals, creating visions, positive thinking or mindset training. This program will go beyond the mind since I learned on my own journey that this is only scratching the surface. For example many of my own wounds came from childhood and therefore mindset training has never worked out. Eventually I understood to include the heart in any healing. Now as a coach I use the same techniques that have helped me.

Structured and intuitive coaching

I use structure & systematic coaching techniques. Nevertheless I'm a highly intuitive coach and I will address challenges on the way that aren't on my notes for the day.

Coaching Platform

coming soon

Your Coach

My name is Patricia Wall, and I am a Certified Life Coach whose passion is to help people discover new, life-changing perspectives. To me, Life Coaching is an expression of the self which I had once struggled to find. I didn’t always know what I wanted in life, and there were times when I felt empty inside and struggled to make decisions that came from the heart. When I found Life Coaching, I suddenly felt inspired in ways I’d never had. That’s when I realised that in order to find fulfillment, I had to help others do the same. Today, I help people from all walks of life do just that through a hand-in-hand, personal growth experience. It’s my honor to join you on the path to true self-discovery, and it’s my duty to reveal all the possibilities, opportunities and wonders along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Clients prefer to do the coaching via e-meeting, however it is also possible to do this in Dübendorf face to face.

The reality is it took me  10+ years to understand what was wrong and understand my subconscious programming. I made many “mistakes” on my own journey and I understand how difficult it can be to change the way you feel, think, and what you believe as well how you behave. It’s like any tool learning by doing. It needs practice and your patience to see results. 

Coaching is very different and not in any circumstances replacing traditional therapy. One of the main differences in coaching is that my client is in the driver seat and takes ownership of his/her life. In therapy the therapist is leading the chat. Coaching allows you to understand your power and therefore also how you contribute to life. This comes with responsibility that requires the coachee to take ownership on all levels. Another difference is that we are working in the present moment and not so much in the past. I won’t let you go down the rabbit hole – instead we make sure to clear wounds that are holding you back in the coaching session on a faster way. We will include body work to do that. 

In any case, they are strictly confidential and our conversation will not leave this room.

No, this is not a replacement for traditional therapy.

Coaching supports a life of choices. Instead of feeling life is happening to us, we understand how we can support ourselves. Coaching is rich in finding our own resources and therefore we have more energy to thrive in life. Coaching shines light into places we haven’t locked at and yet are essentiell for our growth in private and business. In short: it shows us our power.