6 Week Premium Coaching

Do you want more from your life? – You shall have it!

This premium life coaching is a 6-WEEK training which is tailored to your needs and wishes. It is a commitment that isn't only life changing as you'll begin to love and accept yourself fully, but to also work on your confidence. You’ll start to enjoy the learning curve we create together and understand your own resources and strengths. You'll be are aware of your boundaries and communicate them very clearly. You're stronger than you think and as trust increases your intuition will grow. With an open heart you'll let go of things, situations and people that don’t serve you anymore. We'll create more happiness so you can live your life joyfully.

Patricia will assist you as a guide and show you actionable steps to take for your changes. She works with a handfull clients per month to ensure it’s high quality. Don’t wait any longer and add yourself to the list where you’ll receive shortly more information about further steps. All sessions are held online and you’ll receive a video link. Below you'll find the pricing and what it includes. You can simply use your mobile or laptop to do the sessions. You don’t need any further experience and no software needs to be installed. 

Add yourself to the contact list and receive within 48h an e-mail with calendar bookings, payment instructions and a pre call assessment. If this is an urgent request please call me directly +41 79 465 23 02.

Client Feedback


Your Coach

Hello, my name is Patricia Wall. Before having my own business I've worked as a paralegal/business support.

I've spent over 10 years to investigate the personal development area due to my own childhood wounds. I was looking for clarity and releasing the past. Today, I help my clients to heal the past, gain clarity in difficult situations and create their world again.

I have worked in the financial sector, IT and medicine area. My education has a wide span as apprentice as dental assistant, professional maturity commercial option called BMS and of course the certificate for life coaching.

What are the Benefits ?

Coaching is here to experience the present moment and to leave the past behind. We will work together to create this inner peace. 

Open your Heart

Newly gained self-confidence will boost your creativity again.

Improve Relationships

Learn how to communicate in challenging situations instead of just reacting.

Fresh Start

Learn how to break outdated, no longer useful behaviour patterns. Leave the past behind.


Learn how to deal and express your emotions and feelings.

Your Resource

Get to know your strengths and learn how to use your resources.

Your Path

Gain absolute clarity about your priorities and thus also about your ideas and future goals.

Who is this for ?

You own your story

You're ready to take over responsibility for your life. It's a difference if you are pushing your "trauma" aside or if you are kind of "bypassing" and ignoring that you are hurt. I used to bypass my own pain for a long time due to fear. Maybe you feel the same? Now, if you want to to this together we have to go deep.

100% ready to transform your life

I'm 100% with you on this transformation and I need the same percentage from you. In the end it's your journey and only if you are ready this will work.


You have a sense of humor. This can actually move mountains and is used to make our talk a bit more light-hearted.

You're open to communicate

I like to communicate direct and straight forward. I'm a compassionate coach who will guide you through your emotions and feelings. This means also I'm very honest with you and therefore I'm not your coach if you're searching for someone who only feels "sorry for you". I'm here to fully support you and sometimes truth can be painful.

What's included ?

6-Weeks of Coaching Commitment

In these sessions we will work together on your goals. With my support, you will develop key elements and strategies that you can apply directly in your life. Through this you will experience a whole new, free attitude towards life and feel better and happier. One weekly hour video session.


Change begins within yourself. That is why you are always questioned whenever it comes to redesigning your life! In my coaching sessions, I give you tools and strategies, for example, for positive self-talk or self-parenting skills. These are specially selected for you and your life situation. Apply them and learn how to change your behavioral patterns, motivate yourself and visualize your goals.

Your Investment 1699 CHF 

WhatsApp Support

Do you have questions about the coaching, strategies, or tools? I am here for you! During this coaching process you have the option to contact me anytime in case of any question you may have. 

Your Investment 1699 CHF 

How is this 6 Week program unique?

We go deeper

Most programs focus on setting goals, creating visions, positive thinking or mindset training. This program will go beyond the mind since I learned on my own journey that this is only scratching the surface. For example many of my own wounds came from childhood and therefore mindset training has never worked out. Eventually I understood to include the heart in any healing. Now as a coach I use the same techniques that have helped me.

structured and intuitive coaching

I like structure and it's very useful to keep you moving along with ease and power. Nevertheless I'm a highly intuitive coach and I will address challenges on the way that aren't on my notes for the day.

Coaching Platform

coming soon

Are you ready to have a massive impact and transform your life? Add yourself to the contact list or in urgent cases call me directly: +41 79 465 23 02

Single Life Coaching Session

You use this call as a follow-up

You’ve done a course or a 1:1 with me already and want to follow-up on a special topic. You are ready to do the work and follow the actionable advice given. 

You've a busy schedule

Your calendar is already fully packed during the week and you can only accommodate a session here and there.

You need help and guidance

You need some guidance in life very quickly and with efficiency. We will work on new options and new path for you to take off some pressure.

What's included?

Single Coaching: How it works

1. Add your details to the contact list. In urgent cases please call me +41 79 465 23 02
2. YAY! Look out for an E-mail: You’ll  receive shortly more information about this coaching which will include payment instructions and a questionnaire. The questionnaire will take approx. 15′ of your time and needs to be returned 24h before our video conference call. The questionnaire helps me to structure our call on your priorities.
3. Wonderful! I’m already excited to meet you. If you have any questions prio to our video chat please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions...

The coaching takes place via e-meeting. You will receive the link directly via email.

TWINT, Bank transfer or credit card (PayPal).

The reality is it took me  10+ years to understand what was wrong and understand my subconscious programming. I made many “mistakes” on my own journey and I understand how difficult it can be to change the way you feel, think, and what you believe as well how you behave. It’s like any tool learning by doing. It needs practice and your patience to see results. There is no guarantee of any kind that you will receive the results you desire. This is due to the idea that there is no fair way of assessing how diligent someone may or may not be when it comes to working with me.

In any case, they are strictly confidential and our conversation will not leave this room.
You can do this directly via booking tool. The rebooking must be changed 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise your booking will expire.

No, this is not a replacement for traditional therapy.