Hi there, my name is Patricia Wall, and I am a dedicated and experienced Certified Life Coach with years of experience working hand in hand with my clients to ensure that they’re able to navigate a life transition. I consider myself a passionate person, but I’m an even more passionate professional. I understand that change can manifest itself in a number of different ways throughout our lives. As a life coach, I am committed to helping my clients navigate change, affect change, and initiate change in their lives to grow, to progress, and to achieve their full potential.

For me, nothing is more important than working with my clients directly to develop personalized road maps that allow them to arrive at a destination of their choice. Most often, these destinations include life changes – transitions like new careers, new locations, or just general changes that allow them to live life on their own terms. I show my clients the blind spots that they don’t see or are unable to see, and then we work together to lay out a clear pathway that takes them to their intended destination.
Much of my expertise in the area comes from my own life. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced trauma, like many others, and I’ve used this trauma to break out and open my mind up to the potential possibilities that lie ahead. It’s easy to feel trapped in life, and it’s certainly a challenge to break out of it. With proven strategies, I work to support my clients throughout their journey from end to end, and every step of the way, I’m here to provide guidance, training, and coaching.
Together, my clients and I work toward common ground, where they learn how to raise their awareness, how to choose their own reality, how to heal from past traumas, and how to change their lives for the better. We all have a life that we want to live, and it’s up to us to set the course, follow the pathway, and arrive at the life that we’ve always sought for ourselves.
It’s not impossible – but it’s a journey. With each and every last one of my clients, I’m here to ensure that they stay the course, remain on track, and maintain their commitment to living the life that they’ve always wanted.

For me, nothing inspires me more than watching my clients walk down the pathway toward their planned goals. I’m a firm believer that coaching allows you to see the unseen, to explore the infinite world of possibilities that exist for you, and to find an avenue that allows you to pursue those opportunities that pique your interest.
If nothing else, I work to help my clients see the world differently, so that they can go on to live happy, and productive lives that matter to them.

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♦ Certified Life Coach, Dr. Bock Coaching Academy, Berlin
♦4 years experience as Paralegal & Business Support, Credit Suisse
♦Asian Management Executive Seminar, Hochschule Luzern
♦4.5 years experience as Executive Admin, Cognizant
♦Swiss Vocational Baccalaureate for commercial professions, AKAD
♦Au-Pair in Kanada, British Columbia
♦eidg. Fähigkeitszeugnis dental assistant, Wil SG