➢Certified Life Coach, Dr. Bock Coaching Academy, Berlin
➢4 years experience as Paralegal & Business Support, CS
➢4.5 years experience as Executive Admin, CTS
➢Swiss Vocational Baccalaureate for commercial professions
➢Au-Pair in Kanada, British Columbia
➢eidg. Fähigkeitszeugnis DA

My childhood was not exactly easy as far as my time at school was concerned. Very often, I had the feeling of not being able to communicate, of being afraid of saying the wrong thing or being laughed at. In addition I linked love and security with recognition through good grades.

For my mother Annemarie this was also a very difficult and intense time. She struggled with psychological problems we had no idea about. In 2004/5 things got progressively worse for her. It was a shock, because she was able to seamlessly hide her mood and her suffering. I was 16 years old when we lost her. Annemarie was an incredibly strong and admirable woman. She had a gift to intrigue people, to make them dream or laugh like nobody else. She always saw the best in a person – just not in herself.

In my 20s, the following questions increasingly occupied me: Who am I? What do I want to achieve in my life?
I was deeply involved in my private and professional development. I blossomed again at one point and started to sort out the shards piece by piece together and understood what was going on with me at that time and how I imagined my future to be like. I have been confronted with things nobody deserves to, but without them I would never have discovered the bright side of life. In order to experience something, it often requires having overcome the opposite.

                                                                                                     Patricia Wall