Every topic and every client is unique. For that reason, only some of the possible approaches are listed below.
A coaching session is something very personal, which is why every client’s needs are taken into account, leading to a tailor-made experience.

Single Coaching Session

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You are ready to rock

You are ready to do the work and follow the actionable advice given.

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You've a busy schedule

Your calendar is already fully packed during the week and you can only accommodate a session here and there.

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You need help and guidance

You need some guidance in life very quickly and with efficiency. We will work on new options and new path for you to take off some pressure. 

 Single Coaching

1. Book an appointment online without initial call
2.YAY! You rock. You’ll now receive a booking confirmation and a questionnaire to complete prio to our video call.
3.Your session takes place in my private e-meeting room 
4. Receive a follow up e-mail with a detailed report. 

Your Investment is 240.-CHF & this includes:

Client Feedback

Premium Coaching

Premium coaching involves several topics that are intertwined. Therefore, we work together every two weeks for 2-6 months. This requires a pre -interview call, which will already produce initial coaching goals. This program is unique, individual and purposeful. Below you can find possible approaches for a premium coaching – this is not conclusive. Your investment for an initial interview is 40 CHF incl. VAT. Should you decide to go for a retreat afterwards, this amount will be credited to you.

A renewed sense of self

This coaching is about healing emotions from your past – inner child. Gain clarity what happened to you when you were a child and undestand your behaviour as an adult.

We follow patterns we don’t even realize. They come from our young self and before you can let go you have to accept what happened to you but it goes one step further with forgivness. This is a deep soul healing session which will give you peace and freedom. This will give you self-confidence on a new level and enable you to take action for your future.

Are you looking for a new challenge in your life?

 Are you interested in being self-employed but don’t know how to start and need some guidance? Let’s have a coaching call. If you are interested in a new direction but don’t know yet what would make you satisfied – let’s connect. Share your ideas where you haven’t found the courage to tell anyone else yet.
This coaching is about your career plans. Let us break your boundaries! By working together towards a new goal, we will strengthen your motivation and eliminate the fear of rejection and excuses.

Find your passion

Are you living a happy and fulfilling life or is it just average or even boring? Do you ask yourself if this was already it? Friends and family tell you that you should be happy with what you have. What they don’t know ist that you followed their dream, passion and standards instead of your own. You feel that a peace is missing but you don’t really know how to start.
Learn how to express yourself and gain clarity in what you want in life and what you need to cut out.
I will show you techniques with which you can overcome your obstacles and start over with more strength.

Premium Coaching 

1. Schedule an initial call
2. Great! You’ll receive shortly a booking confirmation with a pre-call questionnaire.
3. Your initial call takes place in my private e-meeting room.
4. Based on the initial call & questionnaire I’ll provide you with an individual premium coaching offer

What you'll learn

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

This conversation we will clarify what you want sustainably to work on, what your visions or goals are and what has prevented you from achieving them so far. The conversation lasts 20-30 minutes. Based on our call and the online assessment, I will make you an offer. Your investment is 40.- CHF incl. VAT. With a premium booking, you will be credited with CHF 40.- again.
The coaching takes place via e-meeting. You will receive the link directly via email.
Thumb rule is 50% down payment before the start of the first appointment. The rest of the payment within 30 days.
In any case, they are strictly confidential and our conversation will not leave this room.

Yes, that is possible.  Single coaching is more expensive in comparison to the premium coaching. Please note that each booking is valid for 6 months.

Yes, a full refund is possible 72 hours before an appointment. If you miss this deadline you can transfer to someone else who’d like to be coached on a topic.

You can do this directly via booking tool. The rebooking must be changed 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise your booking will expire.