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1.STEP: book an initial coaching call. Your investment is 40.- CHF which will be returned when you book the premium coaching package. This excludes the express coaching session which can be booked without initial call. Below you find more information.

2. STEP: You’ll receive after the booking a questionnaire which will support our initial call. To complete the form 10′ max. Please ensure to return it prio to our call.

3. STEP: I’ll contact you on the booked date. You can choose between a regular phone call or skype. Duration of this call is around 20-30min

Every topic and every client is unique. For that reason, only some of the possible approaches are listed below. A coaching session is something very personal, which is why every client's needs are taken into account, leading to a tailor-made experience.

Express Coaching Session

Do you feel stuck and you need an answer on what to do next in your private or business life? An express coaching session can help you to get another perspective. We will work on new options and new path for you to take off some pressure. This is a coaching session that will reset your mindset and empower you to grow even more.
This session can be booked directly and without an initial consultation.

Here is what is included:
detailed report on the coaching hour and special tools designed for you (max. A4) 

duration 60 minutes / investments 240.- CHF incl. VAT 

A renewed sense of self

This coaching is about healing emotions from your past – inner child. Gain clarity what happened to you when you were a child and undestand your behaviour as an adult. We follow patterns we don’t even realize. They come from our young self and before you can let go you have to accept what happened to you but it goes one step further with forgivness. This is a deep soul healing session which will give you peace and freedom. This will give you self-confidence on a new level and enable you to take action for your future.

Are you looking for new challenge in your life?

A job is a big occupation in our lives and I grew up that way that a job only pays my bills. I felt very limited by this believe and started to change my behaviour. I was always looking for a job where I can share my knowledge and get a salary that made me happy. I believe both is possible and you shouldn’t go for less. Are you interested in being self-employed but don’t know how to start and need some guidance? Let’s have a coaching call. If you are interested in a new direction but don’t know yet what would make you satisfied – let’s connect. Share your ideas where you haven’t found the courage to tell anyone else yet.
This coaching is about your career plans. Let us break your boundaries! By working together towards a new goal, we will strengthen your motivation and eliminate the fear of rejection and excuses.

Find your passion

Are you living a happy and fulfilling life or is it just average or even boring? Do you ask yourself if this was already it? Friends and family tell you that you should be happy with what you have. What they don’t know ist that you followed their dream, passion and standards instead of your own. You feel that a peace is missing but you don’t really know how to start. Learn how to express yourself and gain clarity in what you want in life and what you need to cut out. I will show you techniques with which you can overcome your obstacles and start over with more strength.


Most frequent questions and answers

The initial interview will reveal to us whether it is possible for us to work together. During this conversation we will clarify what you want to work on, what your ideas or goals are and what has prevented you from achieving them so far. The consultation will take place via telephone and lasts 20-30 minutes. Based on this I will make you an offer.

Yes, this option is available to my frequent customers.

The coaching is carried out via  Zoom or telephone.

This depends on the client. From experience I can say that change takes time and about 4-10 sessions per topic are needed until you can see a lasting change.