Online Programs to Discover

Join Our Monthly Membership

In our monthly meetings, we surround ourselves with a radiant energy, creating a new base where we can plant the seeds of our best selves. How often do we feel trapped by things we can’t see, holding us back without realizing it? It’s time for each of us to enjoy the special feeling of who we are and stand proudly in our own bright light. It’s not about being perfect, but about embracing who we really are inside. Only by letting go of what hides our true selves can we discover our deepest truths and let our brightness shine. These monthly meetings are a journey where we relax, talk, and learn ways to move past our old limits. Join us and experience the uplifting journey toward finding your own power and purpose.

Women Circle Workshop

Unlock your sensual potential in our transformative course, “Embrace Your Sensuality.” Dive into the wisdom of your body, learning to express desires with grace and connect deeply with your divine feminine essence. Explore the art of manifestation and discover how to harness your sexual energy for liberation and empowerment. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and embrace the radiant power within you.

Self-Discovery Course

A Comprehensive Video Course Revealing the Secrets to Mastering the Art of Self-Discovery​. This course is created based on 1-on-1 coaching experiences with my clients and my own self-discovery journey. This course will teach you “How to regulate your emotions” and “How to accept yourself fully, so you have the leap of faith to follow your dreams”. Sometimes we lose ourselves on the way. Especially if we haven’t learned “How to calm our mind and body”. If you want to be truly happy, there is no other way than self-discovery. This course will guide you and show you “How to release what is holding you back, so growth can happen”. Once we understand ourselves (patterns, beliefs, emotions, …) on a deep level, we can find peace & balance within. It’s a process that can be learned.

Shine Your Light 101

This course is for you if this resonates:

  1. You are hiding your truth of who you are from yourself and others
  2. You feel often times unsafe in your skin 
  3. You judge yourself/others and have self-doubt
  4. You may have anger outbursts or you can’t express your emotions clearly

This course will reveal more of who you are from your essence. If we wish to create or manifest a life that is truly on our path we need to shed our skin first. This will allow us to have space and feel peace within before we go further. 


This is is for you if one or more of below bullet points resonate:

  1. You know there is more to explore in your life/world
  2. You want to birth new experiences in your life
  3. You have completed the course “Shine Your Light 101” and want to go deeper
  4. You are ready to let go of Karma / south node exploration
  5. You want to strengthen your faith towards north node

Creating space is always needed before we expand. This is a course that will take you into deep self-discovery. This is where the juice is!

Explore Feminine Meditation

We often explore enlightenment from a masculine view point: stillness, no-thing, zero point, consciousness, the void. What if that doesn’t resonate with you and sitting in stillness doesn’t bring you joy, excitement or love? In this course we explore the feminine path of enlightenment that is more raw, full of life, the all of everything, creation and so much more.