Tailored coaching programs for companies​

This offer is aimed at progressive and innovative companies that want to support their employees holistically. Individual and group coaching are taking on a completely new form.

♦ Do you want to support your Team during Covid-19?
♦ Are you looking for new ways to support your team?
♦ Would you like to improve teamwork and communication?
♦ Have you accepted a new challenge and are now leading a team where you would like support?
♦ Would you like to offer your team individual coaching in order to improve the work-life balance?

Then you are exactly right here. Communication among teammates is extremely important and helps that cooperation works well.

Let's talk

Send an e-mail for your request  to or call +41 79 465 23 02.


  • Communicate in a way that makes it easier for others to hear you and for you to hear them
  • Address conflicts with confidence and use them as an opportunity to improve your relationships
  • Give and receive feedback in a natural way that builds you up and gives you energy
  • Align yourselves around common goals with make you feel inspired and motivated
  • Design your team’s compass; the values you agree on and guide your decision making
  • Understand your own and each others’ impact on the system that is your team